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Quicksilver Performance Exhaust Systems

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Quicksilver Performance Exhausts

Superior Exhaust Systems for the World's Finest Cars

QuickSilver offer a complete range of exhausts for the Aston Martin cars. Firmly established as leaders in the market for Aston Martin sports exhausts and keen to keep this title QuickSilver aim to be the first to market systems for the newest Astons. Being the best there is means QuickSilver is approached by racing teams and drivers who want more power, less weight and a great sound from their racing car. This is something they really enjoy working on and shows if their exhausts are good enough for the race track, then they are definitely the choice for your car.

Although now out of production the hand built V12 Vanquish is rare and probably QuickSilvers favourite Aston which is why they worked extra hard to developer a sports system for it that allows you to really hear the amazing sound of the V12.

The Aston Martin DB9 is an extremely popular car worldwide and has had a lot of involvement in making Aston Martin the strong power they are today. Quicksilver sports exhausts for the DB9 are recommended by Aston martin, showing that it is trusted and known for the high quality, it gives a great sporting note while staying in keeping with the Aston name.

The V8 Vantage is Aston Martins biggest seller at present and with so many cars on the road, they are becoming very popular with drivers who want their car to stand out from the rest with a more aggressive exhaust note. The QuickSilver SuperSports system is ideal for the muted sports car.

QuickSilver also have a great selection of exhausts for the rest of the Aston Martin range, and if they donít already make it, we would be more than happy to work with you and Quicksilver to produce a system to meet your exact specification.

1,380.00 GBP
AM V8 (Carb Models) Quicksilver Exhaust System 1973-77.
1,990.00 GBP
AM V8 Quicksilver Exhaust Manifolds 1969-89 - Pair.
709.80 GBP
DB MKIII Quicksilver Twin Exhaust System 1957-59
558.60 GBP
DB2 Quicksilver Exhaust System 1950-53
1,037.40 GBP
DB2,2/4 & DB MKIII Quicksilver Exhaust Manifolds1950-59
558.60 GBP
DB2/4 Quicksilver Exhaust System 1953-55 - Cupped Front Pipe